Best Parties Ever

Client: Best Parties Ever
Event: Christmas Parties
Location: Various UK Venues

Best Parties Ever hosts Christmas parties up and down the country for up to 1,250 guests each night, all with their own theme, show stopping entertainment, DJ's and disco, and a full dining experience with cocktail bars, dodgems and casino.

THE Brief

Imagine orchestrating and executing the complete production for Christmas party extravaganzas across fifteen diverse locations nationwide. From the whimsical charm of a Dream Circus to the enchanting allure of a Winter Wonderland, and the electrifying ambiance of an Electric Jungle to the glitz and glamor of The Roaring Twenties—each event meticulously tailored with bespoke power, audio-visual, lighting, staging, and thematic elements to create unforgettable experiences.

OUR Solution

Harnessing our extensive in-house inventory of cutting-edge equipment, we orchestrated flawless production across all fifteen venues. From comprehensive power distribution to immersive full-range sound systems for all entertainment, dazzling lighting setups tailored to each theme, bespoke theming transforming spaces into unique environments, expertly crafted staging for performances, and stylish bar installations—every detail was meticulously executed to deliver exceptional experiences at every event.


  • Power – Procurement and installation of synchronised generators and comprehensive power distribution systems to seamlessly supply all facilities within the structure with reliable and synchronised power


  • Audio – A complete and immersive sound system spanning the entirety of the venue, meticulously engineered to deliver exceptional audio quality for live performances and recorded music during dinner and entertainment segments of the evening


  • Lighting – A sophisticated truss rigging system meticulously designed to showcase the latest advancements in intelligent lighting fixtures, dynamic special effects, and ambient lighting. This cutting-edge setup seamlessly integrates with bespoke theming and captivating entertainment, elevating the atmosphere to an unparalleled level of immersive sophistication


  • Theming – Crafting unique and tailored themes for each venue to fully immerse clients in a captivating and unforgettable evening experience


  • Staging – Incorporating stylish bar and stage installations designed to cater to both the drinking and dancing aspects of the event, creating dynamic focal points that enhance the ambiance and facilitate seamless transitions between drinks and dance

project insights

  • 800+ DMX lights


  • 186 speakers


  • 5,000m of Cat 5


  • 4,000m speaker cable


  • 2,000m of DMX cable


  • 15,000m of power cable


  • 1,500m of bars


  • 1,250m of backdrops


  • 5 megawatts of electricity