We’re driven by passion, dedication and a commitment to excellence. We believe that every event is an opportunity to create a lasting impact.

Eventist Live is a leading agency providing seamless event production, serving corporate and private clients across the UK. Our commitment to delivering high-quality, creative event production at a competitive cost, has positioned us as a trusted choice in the industry.

Backed by the Eventist Group, we provide not just creative and technical expertise, but also the financial security needed for robust event execution. At the heart of Eventist Live is a strong team of creative and technical experts, dedicated to bringing your event vision to life.

With a rapidly growing equipment inventory, Eventist Live boasts scalable capabilities, allowing us to cater to events of varying scales. Our expanding list of over 100 clients is a testament to the trust placed in our services.


Meet the driving force behind Eventist Live. Our team comprises dedicated individuals who bring a wealth of creativity and precision to every project.

Chris Bertram

Chris Bertram


With 25 years of dedication to the world of Live Events, Audio Visual, Hospitality, and Entertainment, I am a seasoned professional who lives and breathes the magic of creating unforgettable experiences.

My journey in this dynamic industry has been a thrilling adventure, characterised by innovation, creativity, and a passion for bringing visions to life.


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Adam Cafe

Adam Cafe


Over 25 years spent in the events industry with experience that ranges from Formula One, National Hunt Racecourses, International Air shows, UK Musical Tours, Rugby World Cups and Commonwealth Games.


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Marianne Smith

Marianne Smith


Hospitality and festivals course through Marianne’s veins. Over 10 years’ experience within the hospitality and leisure industry and a passion for travel. Throughout the festival season, Marianne can be found in a field or venue, satisfying her appetite for live music, and getting ideas for the next event she creates for clients.


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Anthony Lynn

Anthony Lynn


With over 30 years’ experience in the industry, I have worked all over the world in the live events, exhibition, and conference industries, and still have the same passion as I did from my very first day. To me an industry like this is not just a job it's a way of life.

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Our Mission

Our mission is clear – to redefine event production. We achieve this by seamlessly integrating creativity, production excellence, and cutting-edge technology, ensuring our events resonate profoundly with your audience.

Our aim is to furnish our clients with exceptional technical and creative resolutions, empowering them to realise their vision and surpass expectations.



We are invigorated by transforming your vision into reality and flourish in devising creative solutions to address our clients’ challenges.


We never accept complacency; instead, we accomplish tasks with unwavering dedication, committed to providing the finest technical solutions. Fearless in embracing innovation, we turn challenges into opportunities.


We excel in fostering creativity, consistently generating innovative solutions that push boundaries and captivate audiences.


We allocate resources to enhance every facet of the business, dedicated to discovering fresh, innovative, and unconventional approaches to enhance all aspects of our operations.


We’re always looking for talented individuals to join our team, whether it’s in our warehouse, office, on-site or freelancing.

We aspire to exceed expectations in the services, equipment, and events we deliver. If this resonates with you and you share our passion for providing exceptional client service, offering outstanding production support, and being part of a fantastic team, we’d love to hear from you!

Eventist Live is part of The Eventist Group which offers a complete solution to all aspects of event creation. Every year, the group creates, manages and delivers events to thousands of people around the UK. Talents include, but not limited to, event design, innovation and management, production, AV specialists, bars, catering, entertainment, planning, operations and logistics.